Infographic - Information and Rubric

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Last updated March 2015

This rubric is to be used as a guide for the student-created infographics. These infographics are to be based on the team research for each topic and theme. Multimedia (including final student videos) can be embedded.

Instructions for Creating the Infographic
Team leaders in conjunction with the eBook Manager (one of the designated roles on the team wiki) and anyone else who wants to help are asked to do the following:
  • Create an account at by selecting the ‘Try Smore now, it’s free’ orange button on the home page
  • Make sure the email address used and password are shareable! If a student leader is setting this up, make sure you do not use one of your usual passwords.
  • Share account login information with team members and teacher
  • Create smore/infographic and PUBLISH to get a distinct URL
  • Add team details and finished SMORE URL to this wiki page: Master Team Infographics

Sample smore created by students in the past:
This is an excellent example to get you started but note some of the criteria is not included in this Smore - Teachers and students are encouraged to read the rubric and include all details.
Notes - this smore has:
    • Good use of multimedia and good balance of multimedia and text
    • References are well placed and correct
    • Acknowledgements are missing
      • Student names and schools should be added
      • Project ID to be added - Flat Connections logo and series, eg FCGP15-1

All facts in the publication are accurate and well researched. Content is relevant to the topic.
Most of the facts in the publication are accurate and well researched. Content is relevant to the topic.
There are some inaccuracies in the publication and the research is not always relevant to the topic.
Necessary information is missing and there is not significant sign of research.
Multimedia (videos, images and other forms)
Multimedia goes well with the text and there is a good mix of text and graphics.
Multimedia goes well with the text, but there are too many or distract from the text.
Multimedia goes well with the text, but there are too few and the brochure seems “text-heavy”.
Multimedia does not go with the accompanying text or appear to be randomly chose.
Publication is legible and easy to read. There is good evidence of revisions and editing.
Publication is legible. There is some evidence of revisions and editing.
Publication is difficult to read at times. There is a need for additional revising and editing.
Publication is difficult to read. There is little evidence of revising or editing.
The Infographic is exceptionally attractive. The information is well formatted and organized.
The infographic is pleasing to the eye. The information is organized and formatted.
The infographic conveys some useful information, but is not well organised and/or visually pleasing.
The formatting and organization of the infographic is confusing to the reader.
Careful and accurate documentation is present to source the facts and graphics in the publication.
Most of the information in the publication is documented clearly.
Citations are missing. The documentation is not complete.
Sources are not documented accurately or are not kept on many facts and graphics.,
The smore contains:
FCGP logo and project series
Student team members, schools and countries
Teacher recognition