Team Number: 4B

Team Topic: Virtual Reality

Theme: Impact on education at all levels


This is a place where this team is to share their personal research and collaborate with the other members to co-create a final research document. Also, this is a place to connect and collaborate over the design and development of each student's personal video that they have created on their own.

IMPORTANT - ALL students are RESEARCHERS and must CONTRIBUTE to the development of the FINAL SHOWCASE Google doc page.

Team Google Doc

Use THIS Google doc to develop this project, collect information and divide responsibility between these areas:
  • Overview - contribute researched information and multimedia about the Topic and Theme
  • Current News - contribute relevant updates and news items, including multimedia
  • Citations - Create a complete list of all references and citations
  • Videos - to facilitate the outsourced video clip requirement and share all final personal student videos

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When your video is finished add it TWO places on this wiki. This is very important so that we correctly archive and share the video with other students, teachers and the judges! See Video Creation Process for more details.

Make sure you go to the MAIN TOPIC page to complete a request for the 'Outsourced video' via the template.

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence page on how this technology will impact education on all levels! Our group will cover a lot on AI and how it affects school now and in the future. On behalf of group 5B, we hope that this will inform you the best way possible on our topic. Enjoy!