Flat Connections Global Project - Video CHECKLIST

Students - this is for YOU to help create the best COMMUNICATION multimedia piece that you can.

Make sure you have read details on the Video Creation Process page, then read this final checklist before finishing off your video.

Before finishing your video, make sure you have:
  • Clearly shared a STORY to do with your TOPIC
  • Clearly related this STORY to your THEME
  • Made your best effort to incorporate the OUTSOURCED CLIP in a clever way so that it fits with the story you are telling!
  • Achieved a very good AUDIO QUALITY with voiceovers and other sound (music etc.)
  • Added a TITLE slide/frame
  • Added CREDITS at the end that move at a pace everyone can read
  • Included credits for ALL SOURCES (music, outsourced clips etc)
  • Added a CREATIVE COMMONS license
  • Added the FLAT CONNECTIONS template slide/frame (to identify your participation in the project)